Reading the Bible daily is known to have the most profound effects on the life of Christians beyond nearly anything else they can do. Nevertheless, it’s quite likely that your church does not help you develop this powerful habit. You may be wondering why this is the case? A couple of reasons for this travesty exist and it’s not all your church’s fault. Most churches promote the idea of Bible reading, but few know how to actually help you develop the practice of daily Bible reading. If your church is struggling to get its congregation to read the Bible together then maybe you will be the one to help your fellow members. By following the tips we outline in this article your church can develop a thriving community around Bible reading and prayer.

Struggling with a New Habit

Habits are not something we create overnight and daily Bible reading is no exception. Though it is not too hard to pick up a Bible and read it, doing it every day is another thing entirely. Whatever we do over and over gets hardwired into our brains’ automatic functioning. Much like putting on a seatbelt when getting into a car, sitting down to read the Bible each day can become a default action. Though we can form habits on our own, most people will fail to establish new habits without help. If you want to develop the habit of daily Bible reading in your church then one of the best things to do is either join a group of people already doing it or start one yourself.

Why Community Bible reading is Important

Having a group of people supporting you and encouraging you to practice the habit of daily Bible reading is powerful. Knowing that other people are reading the same thing as you mean that if you don’t read you will miss out. When your closest friends are people that you are daily reading the Bible with, then the things you talk about with them are the scriptures. Just being around people who are excited about the Big game, makes you not want to miss it, so too your community will inspire you to read the Bible.

The community’s inspirational motivation is only a fraction of the benefit of reading the Bible as a whole church. The more people reading the Bible and gathering together around what they are studying will open up countless opportunities for you to gain insights from others. Even those new to the faith have great insights because they bring a fresh perspective that those who grew up in the church might never see. It’s through each part doing the work that we all will grow up into the head, that is Christ (Ephesians 4:15).

Bible Study Tools that Fit Everyone

When trying to find a Bible study or Bible reading plan that everyone in the church does together it can be challenging. Some people prefer to use a printed Bible when reading, others want to use a mobile device, and still, others want to use a computer. Very few Bible study reading plans accommodate the whole church. This is where Bible Study Together’s Chronological Cross-Reference Bible reading plan shines. With daily questions that go through the whole Bible and multiple formats, it was designed to be used by the whole congregation. If people want to read with their printed Bible they can either use the Study Journal books or the printed booklets. If people want to listen to an audio Bible and follow along, Bible Study Together’s app works perfectly. What is even more amazing about the app is that the whole church can join a group in the app. Then they can share prayer requests and what they are learning together within the app’s private social network. If you are looking for a study that accommodates your whole church’s congregation then Bible Study Together has you covered.

Get Started Today

Nothing will more powerfully impact you than developing a daily quiet time with God in prayer and Bible study. However, we shouldn’t fall into the individualistic trap of our modern culture trying to live the Christian life on our own. By leading the way in your Church or group of friends you can create a community of daily Bible reading. It will enrich you and everyone you fellowship with spiritually. If you are looking for a Bible reading plan, Bible study Together has a great set of resources designed to help you get started with everything you need. Click one of the links below to get your church to start reading the Bible today!

Bible Study App

Printed Bible Study Guides


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