We Did It!

It’s been two years in the coming, but the complete rewrite of our Bible Study Together App is finally done. The app isn’t done, we have so much more coming. However, the rewrite is done. What does this mean? Well, two years ago our app allowed you to store your start date and read the Bible with our plan. We had thousands of questions, maps, videos, and challenges in it too which we had compiled or wrote ourselves from the prior years. But when we wanted to start adding features like offline reading, more translations, and integrations with groups it couldn’t have been done without rewriting the whole app.

The rewrite has been incredibly challenging and time-consuming. We have lost count of the number of nights where the clock ticked past midnight working on everything. Instead of boring you with all the technical feats that had to be overcome, we will just say that it’s good to be moving on. Some of you have had to endure bumps along the way while we sorted through some messy waters, but we have come to the other side. Thank you everyone for hanging in there with us!

The App Transformation

Those who have hung in with us have gotten the chance to see the transformation. At the end of last year, we launched our web version of our app that allowed people to pray and read the Bible in groups. Then in March, we brought these new features to our iOS and Android apps. As this year rolled on we focused on the Bible reading part of our app. In February of this year, we obtained licensing from Crossway and The Lockman Foundation to put the ESV and NASB offline in the app. There were a number of challenges getting the app ready for offline reading, but one of the biggest challenges was recompiling the content we had aggregated over the years into a format that the app could consume. Once all the content was ready and we got it all connected together then came the process of working out the bugs. If you are still having problems make sure you go to your app store and download the latest version. This should solve any issues you are having. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to report problems and helped us get things running smoothly before the end of the year.

App in the Amazon Appstore

The end of the year has come and we have all made it here together. Now we are looking forward to next year. To get ready, we have expanded our app to the Amazon Appstore. We are excited to allow people to read the Bible on Amazon’s inexpensive FireHD line of tablets. The FireHD tablets are one of our favorite screen sizes for reading the Bible and being in the Amazon Appstore opens us up to reach one of the largest tablet markets in the world. If you have an Amazon tablet download and install the app here.

How You Can Help

Will you please join us in 2022 to inspire more people to read the Bible? The end of December and the beginning of January is the biggest time of year when people think about reading the whole Bible. Please let people know about us and encourage them to start reading with you in 2022. If you are new to what we are doing, our Chronological Cross-Reference Bible reading plan is perfect for reading through the whole Bible and we have tons of resources incorporated with our plan. Join us on a journey through the scriptures in the next year and your life will never be the same.