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Bible Study Together is a ministry of Create Disciples Inc. This ministry is focused on helping people develop a consistent walk with God.  We help people connect with God through tools to empower them to read the Bible and pray effectively every day.  We like to call our Bible Reading plan, “Burn-Out-Proof”. It is a unique plan that takes readers through the Bible in 2 years, with less than 10 minutes of reading per day. Unlike other reading plans that just slap random passages together, this new study interweaves the New Testament and Old Testament so that Old Testament stories, psalms, and prophecies connect as much as possible to New Testament teaching while maintaining their original contexts. So when reading in James about Abraham offering Isaac on the altar, you would also be reading this account in Genesis. Likewise, when you are reading about the Day of Atonement in Leviticus, you are also reading in Hebrews about Jesus being the fulfillment of this sacrifice. With this study, you are always reading something encouraging and inspiring because nearly every day has both a New Testament and Old Testament reading. Each day’s reading stops in a logical place so that you are not left in the middle of a story or a teaching. This plan has sorted and organized the Old Testament into a single story so that you can understand how the whole Old Testament history fits together. Even the Gospels have been connected so you can easily compare the 4 accounts in the daily readings. In the end, this study plan is more than a chronological Bible or cross-reference tool. It’s a comprehensive guide to take a group of people through the whole Bible and keep them from getting burned out.

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Bible Study Together Vision

Bible Study Together is the start of a Bible reading revolution. It began with a dream to keep people from getting burned out when reading the entire Bible and has turned into a full tool-set for studying the scriptures with others. Using our app or website you can get access to our printable study journal, daily questions, 3D maps, videos, and more. Our goal is to get people reading the Bible in their communities and abroad. We believe reading the Scriptures with others presents one of the best opportunities to encourage Christians in the faith and help friends find Jesus. Therefore, we encourage you to invite others to join your journey through the Bible!

If you would like to help advance this work please consider sharing this website with the people in your life (especially church leaders) or make a donation here (Note: we are a 501c3).

Mission Statement

Create Disciples is devoted to producing resources that develop obedient followers of Jesus and the building of life-transforming Christian relationships.

Focus of our Ministry

Our picture of Christianity dynamically shapes the way we do ministry. All too often Christianity becomes reduced to intellectual knowledge, a social club, or a charitable group to help those with physical needs. We believe Christianity is much more! It is a vibrant life united to God through Jesus Christ that empowers us to reflect God’s character on the earth. As a result, when we do ministry we are not working to equip people to win intellectual arguments but to help people understand how their Bible can be used to set them free from sinful habits. Likewise, we are not promoting social clubs centered around games and activities, but helping people to build each other up with honesty, love, and respect. Though we don’t seek to feed the poor as an organization, we believe that each person moved by God will actively love those in need. Therefore, we help people learn how to develop a walk with God that compels them to meet others’ needs. Overall, our ministry is focused on helping people obtain the necessary ingredients to reflect God’s character in this life.

Ministry Toolbox

We are a fully equipped video producing, graphic designing, audio recording, print producing, website developing, app programming, photo shooting, book writing, and spirit led organization that is zealous to build the kingdom of God. We believe each person is different and that everyone learns in different ways. As a result, we seek to use the full breadth of our skills to create disciples of Jesus Christ.

Ministry Needs

One of our greatest needs is to help us build connections to people and churches. We have already been developing tools and resources for several years, but if people don’t know about them, they won’t be blessed. We are also looking for people with professions skills and experience for consulting purposes and for volunteering alongside us. Currently, we only have part-time workers in the organization and we could do so much more with additional funding. If you have been blessed by our ministries and would like to see more consider making a donation (we are a 501c3 so donations are tax-deductible).

Christian Beliefs

Create Disciples Inc is a Christian organization that believes the Bible is our authoritative measure of truth.  We are an interdenominational organization that centers on core Christian truths that empower us to live in God-glorifying ways. If you would like to know more about what we believe you can read the following article.  

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