If you are feeling disconnected from God, don’t settle for less. You may wonder how you can jumpstart your relationship with God or how you can grow close to Him. Just like any relationship you need to develop two-way communication of listening and sharing. Unlike people who we can see, it can be hard to know how to connect with the creator of the universe. Most of us need some guidance to get started or restarted. This is where the Bible Study Together app becomes helpful.

Bible Study and Prayer App

The Bible Study Together app was designed to steer a person’s quiet time with God into a pattern that has helped people for ages to develop a bonding relationship with the Lord. The app helps its users foster the daily use of Bible reading, reflection, and prayer. Mobile apps tend to focus on one of these, but the Bible Study Together app combines them so that your relationship with God doesn’t become imbalanced. By following the pattern guided by the app you will grow in God.

Bible Reading Plan

The Bible Study together app has a unique chronological Bible reading plan, unlike many other Bible reading plans that are available today. This plan has the Old Testament in Chronological order and then New Testament parallel passages are weaved into Old Testament text. The result is that you get to see how the New Testament fulfills the Old Testament while you are daily reading the Bible. This Bible study app also contains several accompanying resources such as daily open-ended questions, videos, maps, audio Bible, and more. By daily spending time in God’s word, you will learn to distinguish the voice of God from the noise of yourself and the world.

Prayer App

If we read the Bible we may learn to hear God, but to truly connect with Him we must create a rhythm of prayer as well. Many times we propose to pray, but being able to stay focused in prayer is a challenge. The Bible Study Together app has a unique prayer assistant tool that can help keep you on track while praying without getting in the way. You can learn more about how the prayer section of the app works by going to the prayer app page.

Community Bible Study

Christians were not made to grow close to God alone. You were made to meet God in the community of His people. The church or assembly of God’s people is essential to truly maximize your own connection with God. This is why the Bible Study Together app also has its own private group forum that is tightly integrated with the prayer and Bible study tools. Using the fellowship features in the app you can be encouraged and encourage those in your group to experience God more.

Draw Near to God

James 4:8 tells you to Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. There is no reason to wait. God is standing at your door knocking waiting for you to open. By getting the Bible Study Together App and following its time-tested devotional pattern, you will grow in your connection to God and help those in your community as well.

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Image by Pexels from Pixabay